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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Three Months and a Day

October 2005:
The month before November had weeks that were veering towards mental third degree burns. That did happen and they they left scars that I hope to god are impermanent. Being completely devoid of sight and failing to understand that I was stumbling into territory that had signboards all over saying "Stay the fuck out", I entered with comeplete ignorance and "BOOM" flamethrowers all over me and someone I value intensely. There was instant turmoil of soul and a series of opressed emotions. And as we lay there with regret oozing out of my charred skin while his were still on fire, I wanted to just d i e for I really was a comeplete shitfuck for jeopardising something so veritably important to us.

November 2005:
November had its ups and downs too. The first week involved going for a stoner camp! Shirota lake.. trekking, rafting, nightwalks and such but all of this while everyone was stoned senseless. Cold nights, shooting stars and secret acid trips. Shritoa 2006, here I come!

After camp I head to GOA, the land of the freeeee, with 5 people whose company I can never get enough of. Three days of toking, drinking KINGS BEER(note: One of lifes major accomplishments would be getting a lifetime supply of this), getting foot massages and eating food one would salivate thinking about. (I shall go back to Baga in May.) The night of the third day involved one of the best bike rides I've been on and then we ate one of the most delicious meals in Curlies at Anjuna after which I flew off a speeding bike and broke my skull and fractured my back in 3 places and lay in bed for a month. Pain like Ive never known, needles in my skin every few hours, pipes down my nose, throat and veins, bleeding ear, bruises everywhere, incompetent nurses, far too many pills, a migrane that lasted over a wek and a half bald head.

The scars that we tried to hide from October remained and the end of November was a month of silence and self introspection.

December: 2005:
December, oh sweet December..: )
My sweet bundle of testosterone visited me whenever he could, ive eaten innumerable bars of the most common upper, undying laughing fits, all my closest friends came back from "Umrika" and I think my sexdrive flew skyhigh.(No, the last two arent related) Ive also stopped looking at our scars and I want to believe that theyve almost faded into nonexistance.

The last day of last year was bliss. I'll let the details of that be left unsaid. But what I will say I woke up next to my Love on the morning of January 1st 2006 and realized,
I've never been so happy in or with my life.


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