To Vomit the Undigestible

Thursday, November 06, 2008

28th Sept Sunday

m afraid if i speak ill miss the mark. graze the surface in the form of a hairline cut and feel nothing. my best bet is to be silent...
for the first time, im writing a blog entry...and i know where im going with this without having to say it.

I want to, for the sake of blogging, documenting, remembering this time... there might come a time when ill vent it out and tarnish it...miss my point...

for now im going to hang on to a feeling i dont posess at the moment and walk blind in the darkness and hope it will all fall into place if whats inside me really is as pure as i currently imagine.

devoid of sleep for over 29 hours, i realize i must write when things are white again.

MDMA and a pen.
MDMA and a pen.
MDMA and a pen.

"and tonight we'll lay in the garden
where were bury our souls into the ground
today we'll lay in the garden
we will lift our souls from out of the grave." - linda perry


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