To Vomit the Undigestible

Sunday, September 03, 2006

By Wanderer

Run away from me,

I'll suck your lifeblood
and wither you away.

I'll float like larval blobs
in your frightened salival gulp.
The guttural morph, clinging
to your almond tonsils

I'll become
the putrid wind
of your smoke filled mucosal lungs.
The cystic worm
in your mensal flow.

I'll enter you;
a womb seeking semen drop.
And breathe within,
a tumorous growth in your mind

and when you die,
I'll be the sheet of blood
running downstairs from your bed.

Amidst howling wolves;
I'll walk to your grave
night after night, without fail.
And lie there alone,
fucking your dead body.

Till eternity,
a dead maggot,
nipping at your soulflesh.


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