To Vomit the Undigestible

Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm now jaded about the things that would earlier overwhelm me.
Its too early to be tired...
like its too early to wake up at 12pm...too early to let go of extended rem...
Lara gave me littlei minimints on a pink box that says 'spoiled rotten'. Those words arent nearly enough for I could do with much more before being labeled such. *nod* Perspective perspective. The mints are yummy though...
Being 23 doesnt allow the freedom 19 did and thats a given, even so it'll never cease to sadden me in multiples as the years move on. A gold drop in steel, Bots gift..It's always around my neck, the mark of a secret warrior whose unsure of what the war is about.. A mark of the ripe age of 23 packed in sweade.
I dont think I'm going to mention this ever again so pay attention: I'm begining to like "ambient electro trance" ( *cough* I dont know what else I can call it) Only when intoxicated though. Where have I reached? What worlds? From Theatre of Tragedy 5 years ago to Amon Tobin now? Fuck!
My daddy gives me a packet of the original Silk Cuts every four days.. *gloat* : D (We can subtract this bit from my 'spoiled rotten' parahgraph earlier)
Thats all for now but ps : everyone must visit atleast once if not religiously...


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