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Friday, December 15, 2006

I bought myself an 8 gb IPOD NANO!!: D and its fucking beautiful. It intimidates me. I'm so scared of breaking it or losing it or wetting it or having it crash or whatever. I think I'm being obsessive because I bought it with my own money that I saved up and this is the first expensive thing I've bought with earned money. I'm not sure if this is pathetic or this is how its supposed to be when you posess something SO FUCKING PERFECT.: D
I drove a Merc around Navi Nagar last night at 2 am. It was wonderful. A bit scary coz it wasnt mine and I almost ran over a man and banged into a cab. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be one of those annoying woman drivers who cant stick to their lanes and sure as hell cant park.
I bought 2 tickets for 'the prestige' for tomorrow but I might have to get rid of these precious tickets coz bots sick and I want to see this movie with him.
I read an entry on metblogs about this townie who hated travelling to the surburbs because there was so much traffic and the pollution ruined her skin.
Honestly? I've never said that out loud, but HELL every single time I'm stuck in suburban traffic I'm just wishing I was back my side of town and I hadn't ventured out. I can sort of see why this would make someone smirk and say "silly townie" in their head but its not MY fault I was brought up to believe that HEALTH IT IMPORTANT. (which includes layers of tar coating your skin) Thank you.
I have a stack full of books to read. 2 books on Psychology, The kite runner, A book on perversions, Critical conditions, Grave Markings, A bunch of photography magazines that I havent opened yet and plenty of movies that I have right near me that I havent seen yet.....
A scanner darkly, goodnight and goodluck, diabolique, Blood Diamond, Don's Plum, Shutter, Pusher, Bullet and a couple more...
Skincold won the Sies competition. I'm so happy for them!: D and and and and PDV is playing in Dubai tonight and I hope I hope I hope I hope they win. I'm totally praying for Rohit Person and I havent been this excited about any competition regarding an Indian Band ever.
BOT took me to Salt Water Grill on Tuesday night: ). I had a green apple Margarita, Duck Salad, Rawas with Sour Cream Potatoes and Garlic and a giant Chocolate Fondant. We sat on the sun beds over looking the sea and the ambience was perfect. Trip hop, good waiters, good food and perfect company. weeee: )
I met Scrizer this afternoon for lunch. I havent seen him in AEONS and I sort of forgot I was SO fond of that sprout. CCI chinese is always good but I really need to stop myself from ordering starters ive never tasted. gag.
I havent gone with Ravi to buy my fish yet. But I havent forgotten about it either. I'm sure its going to be a Siamese Fighter. A blue one if I can get my hands on it. I feel like I should meet Ravi more often. Way more often. I always get happy when hes around.
Lara's applying to NYU. I hope she gets in. But then again I hope she doesnt: (
I'm so sick of my friends going away. Really. Everythings so screwed. Bambis gone, Sarah moved back, Rayans going to go back to jeddah after his course, Kichu, Sohail and Trey are all going abroad to study, Toto died, Warren moved to NZ, and when I was younger Alisha moved away right in the middle of school and when I was even younger Enie shifted to Navi Nagar and I couldnt find her coz her number changed and she didnt have mine. I'm craving sleepover girl company. I need a woman in my life.
I'm going to goa.
17 more days.
Happy Happy!
Joy Joy! :)


  • awww...dont worry...everyone will be back one day also the way they are goin...what goes around comes sure that has another meaning but wat the helll..

    By Blogger Nos, at 1:17 AM, December 16, 2006  

    love u bunny! and blue siamese fighting fish are awesome. i saw the most perfect blue and purple one the other day. it was gorgeous!
    anuyways half my credit has gone on u just now =p\\

    -sera (i have an account but im too lazy to sign in...and i forgot my password and username.. haha)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:35 AM, December 20, 2006  

  • Some I've continued liking coz they went away :)

    By Blogger Fortune's Fool ( Monk), at 10:31 AM, January 26, 2007  

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