To Vomit the Undigestible

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fuck Me Tender String Bender.

I'm going to use my title on BOT when he starts playing guitar. : D
Or maybe ill just seduce Robert Flynn when hes done playing 'Decend the shades of night' live for me.
(Intellectual intercourse??? Or finality of cause...)

I think it's funny when some vegetarians wear leather. I want to show them their veins, peel off their skin, and wear it as a hat. Yeah, you like that? Maybe I'll wear it for the big date. He'll like that. That's right. He only dates me for my clothes. And tonight I'm wearing your animal fat smeared face.

Sometimes I think I should celebrate suicide. On a job well done. Hey, you got what you wanted, right? Break out the mother fucking wine and get the glasses. You accomplished your goal. If I were to commit suicide, I would certainly not want anyone mourning. I would want them to congratulate me. Job fuckign well done..They would be shocked. Didn't think I had it in me did you.. Hey, that would be one thing I wouldn't have failed. A job well done. Maybe I'll get bonus points if I don't spill any blood on the carpet.

And I want to fucking know what happens when there is nothing left to die for. I would fucking celebrate you.

When I sit crossed legged for too long, I lose all feeling in my feet. Stand up, and fall down.
I think im pmsing.
My dinner tonight was raw fish at Moche. Rawas.
I wish I could stay home all weekend and just eat chinese noodles.

I hate pointless entries. They make me mad. Have you noticed when you write a meaningful entry, and a pointless one after always end up reading the pointless one when you go back to your blog?

....And when I say goodnight the pictures in my head will dance aorund my room and frolic in my bed and when I say good day they hide behind my eyes and wait for the dreaming to bring me back alive....


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