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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A question not meant for you...

Do Sadists go to heaven?
I suppose if they only consort with masochists there wouldn't be a problem, the relationship would be reciprocal. The main argument, however, is not the act but the thought. Is it wrong to even imagine inflicting some serious pain on other for your pleasure? It shouldn't be, everybody does, they just don't like to admit it. The distinction between the intent and the deed, while very clear to some, does not exist at all for others. If you consider something your society views as wrong do you feel dirty? Does it make you reconsider your place and right to live? Those delightful little thoughts are almost always shoved into the back of your mind because they aren't permissible. People don't have freedom of thought anymore (as if they ever did), not without some sort of accompanying guilt. Oi. So if an individual leads a "good" life, a wonderful life, gives 25% of their income to the poor and volunteers frequently, the stereotypical over-achieving humanitarian and all that shite, but they enjoy hanging people upside down and placing clamps on their nipples while running fine blades down their bare backs are they going to be judged by their 'good' actions or their sadistic tendencies? I imagine that if word leaked out the only important information would be that they're sick in the head. All of the normalicies that represented kindness would be thrown away. you think your god, works that way as well? Will She throw away an (almost) pure soul based on a perhaps physically harmful fetish? Even if the habit is consensual? Really?

(For the record, I'm Agnostic)


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