To Vomit the Undigestible

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Should Have Been a Wildfire

Conceived by the heavens and born upon the dry lands of Earth by a star's death or lightnings touch. Nothing...then spontaneous life and a need to consume and unearthly heat and terrible beauty. Blazing across wide fields and open plains leaving ash and embers and scorched earth and emptiness ready for a new tomorrow. Silent or screaming amidst the winds and the rain and the storms but always moving forward, never allowing the wind to carry me away or the rain to extinguish my flame, or even the storm to alter my course.
I would move everywhere and in every direction taking in all I could. Everything I touched would become part of me and they would rejoice at first at my glorious luminescence and wondrous warmth but too late realize their fate. I would leave them burned and blackened behind me and continue on until I reached the mountain's base and I would ask,
"Good mountain, would you kindly step aside that I might taste the bounties beyond?"
but the mountain, having seen my ways, would not move and I would speak again,
"Fair mountain, I must make it to the other side or I may not survive long"
and still the mountain would not move and I would speak one last time,
"Foul mountain you have forsaken me, I who was brought from the heavens by holy fire, I who might have encompassed the land and been happy and left the world in peace"
and then the mountain would respond,
"You blind fool, you could never be content, you think of nothing but your next conquest and never of the death and destruction you leave in your wake, I shall never move for the likes of you"
and he would not move and I would draw myself towards him but I could never climb those cold stone walls and so I would burn myself out at the foot of the mountain and with my dying breath I would lament,
"I should have been a mountain"
and years later the mountain would look out over his valley and see beauty rising from the ashes and think to himself,
"Perhaps she wasn't so terrible after all"


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