To Vomit the Undigestible

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nov 5th Wednesday

I saw a comet on saturday night in Mahableshwar that lasted a second and a half and shot across a cloudless starstruck sky. Intense. (more like WHAT the fuck was that...)

My legs gave way with astonishment and I leaped on k.
Poor boy.

More overwhelming than that is the astonishment of experiencing things so great in a continuous series over the past couple of months. Moving fuzzy trees bursting with life, sunsets so pink your eyes hurt, skies bursting with stars, a comet, a storm on the beach, clouds rising from underneath us, too many wild flowers, uncontrollable laughing fits, harsh disappointments, survival, attraction and repulsion simultaneously, contentment, grand and powerful kindness from strangers and aching silences.

All of it together has been a lifetime already.
How did we get so lucky?


oh..: Im contemplating dreads or should it be a protien treatment?

I fucked around on a linux terminal for 5 hours today learning commands and had SO much fun. Now I know whyyy they spend hours doing that. hah and alot starts with 'ssh'...almost like "ssh, just for you to know, not the common man ;)"

I'm broke.

I couldnt answer Oscar when he asked me what love is and feel bad for the disappointment.

I miss the simplicity that comes with boredom. At the moment, the latter is anything but.

I'm feeling hung up about getting randomly laid. Nothing seems soulful enough. Opportunities flow and I shun them.

I miss the old but not enough to want it so I need to suck it up and its hard.

I'm glad Terence Mckenna speaks of what we already know. It makes for crazy listening.
I'm glad John Fruciante doesn't. It makes for crazy listening.

I'm insecure about new thoughts and theories intimidating me enough to want to shun them.
Where's the acceptance, where's the acceptance?

I'm in shock that I spoke to Aunty Leela and Alisha in the same day after over 12 years and it was purely circumstantial.

I want to throw honesty and lovestuff around so the people who need it can get with the program and swallow some when required. That would be nice wouldnt it?

I need another fucking Tattoo. Someone hear me.

If all my sentences start with the absence of 'i' things might actually get somewhere...
And being aware of this is the first step to metamorphosis...

Save yourself from this madness of 'self'.
Be littler than the dot on the 'i'.
do it..
Do it.


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