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Thursday, January 01, 2009


 1st Jan 2009. Looking back at the immediate past.
The last week of December 08' couldn't have been more fullfilling.
I spent the last 4g that i got from my Magic event on a trip to Gokarna.

I met some interesting characters who I chose to spend most of my time with. The three days before that were disturbing and interesting. I watched a friend do md alone with spurts and a rush of emotions and confusion within myself and between us. The trip on the whole was me learning about a surprisingly calm, intune with, clean and real part of myself with no disappointment or incliniation of being intoxicated or taking any moment for granted and focusing on what really was important.

The good stuff was hours of hanging out with Toni and Tommy from Finland. Remember this, rememeber this. It was absolutely great. Tommy. 'Tommy the cat' lover and drug voyager who I has earned a soft spot in my system for his gentle quiet and surprising nature. Toni is a random traveller, opinionated, very aesthetically pleasing to the eye with a literary gift who i bumped into by the bonfire. He's also the person who made the 'druggy folder' and collected all the Terence Mckenna and passed it on to Sourabh, random.person.no2, that i met in Bangalore via encountering Joos in Vata and grabbed this off him immediately.
The universe brought the learners, messengers, discoverers and people who are turned on by a handful of similar ideas from different worlds, together within a few months in 08'. Cheers Toni and Sourabh. : )

My travel company disappointed me where environment rigidness, enclosed mindspaces, lack of people exploration and a subliminal fixation on getting fucked up on drugs for the holiday which goes against my basic principle on travelling thereby bringing out a part of me that wanted to exclude myself from the above mentioned states.
Fair enough I suppose.

Returning home was a disappointment. No class, money that remained and a void on missing out on an exciting at gokarna after connecting with other travellers.

Good moments with Oscar though. : )


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