To Vomit the Undigestible

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


'I dont believe in an interventionist god, but i know darlin' that you do, but if did i would kneel down and ask him.....' - nick c.
to intervene just this once and give me the extraordinary power to boycott the ignorant, hurtful and unexplainable and go about my day with peaceful anticipation and memories of freedom.

and since we're here, and if i had the time, i might even ask to intervene with a handful of lost soul, selfsufficiency, an antimindstagnating pill, reframing of a recycling neuron network into a new framework and some more cool gadgets...


mmm....chocolate coated walnuts: my mum is a great great person.


2 horribly tiresome and nagging dreams/wishes:
A Micro lens
Concert photography for Radiohead.

yes here's where you laugh in my face and mock me with your upside grin and i smack you silly claiming both to be a possibility,


exercise everything...
mind, body, creativity and rights.


listen closer.



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