To Vomit the Undigestible

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Half Baked

I conclude food if one of the few things that keep me mentally and emotionally satiated after my Bundle of Testosterone(who will henceforth be referred to as 'BOT'). This is unhealthy ofcourse and I've been paying my price for it with the excess fat cells ive decided to cultivate under my epidermis for 21 years.. It's going to be really fucking hard to ignore my everpresent desire for good food when I try a Raw Food diet to detoxify my blood. (Some of the things I had today were Hot chocolate, Sev pur, chinese chicken, beans, copious amounts of rice, and thai curry, when I was only meant to eat fruits and veggies as today is the day of my RFD) Arg.

I went to see Zinda this evening with a good amount of THC running through my veins and enjoyed the movie tremedously even though I dont fancy Sanjay Dutt (who looks like hes never seen a matress, let alone slept in one) and there were a multitude of unnecessary scenes.

The movie was followed my dinner at Stir Fry. *Tries to supress the 'instant salivation reflex' that occurs when Thai curry is or about to be spoken about* Gorged on my favourite food and had a lychee pancake with icecream for desert. (Lychee pancake?!?! I never would have considered its existance either until this evening. My BOT has good taste.

I'm going to try and start the Raw Food Diet on Monday but I'm really really scared about the 'healing crisis'. Its going to be unbearable and even though i know the results will be worth it, I dont know if I'll beable to stick by it without reverting to steroids or allopathy for my skin allergy. I suppose hybernating for a while would be a good idea.

I'm tired now so I'm going to write about an awesome song that BOT made me listen to today while we sat in a cricket stadium at twilight and 'puffed the magic dragon';p


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