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Thursday, January 08, 2009

M&M photoshoot.

Muharram and Music:

I'm intimidated about today. After basking in comfort provided by a thick blanket, self motivated seclusion and comfort food, I'm suddenly faced with a day where I've decided to photograph Muharram AND the Swarathma's album launch (Bangalore based folk rock band).

My day will start in the afternoon and end late at night. I'll spend some hours following the Juloos doing Matam at Bhindi Bazaar. I've never seen Matam practised, nor have I photographed it. I have no idea what kind of tiny details to look out for either but have a vague idea through photos online. After which I'll head straight for Bandra to a club called Bonobo (which is a type of monkey that likes to fuck after it gets violent, did they know this?).

The contrast between mourning, blood, pain, reflection, excused SIV and later, joyous creative harmonised and expressive musical outburst will end with a potential system shock for the hybernating lazy parasitic creative self.
Actually I'm positive that today is going to throw me off balance in the mental space im currently submerged in.


On re reading my last post, I'm disappointed that I couldnt accurately express the emotions behind my week in Gokarna and erroneously breaking that down into a factual, one sided account of what happened is veritably missing the mark and that post should be passed off as lame on all accounts


I;ve been posting on timepass threads on and i'm now aware that I absolutely hate messing around forums because of its addictive nature. Just like facebook. Unfortunately I'm sucked in so deep into the facebook addiction vortex that I shall look down up yet excuse it. : s


3 serious timewastage links I've been visiting:



Cat food takes like shit.
Cats on macs don't look good.
Exercise is a requirement not a luxury intertwined with freetime.
Facebook sucks.


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