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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Matam: Bombay, India Jan 09

Shot on Thursday 8th Jan 09, Muharram - Matam at Bhindi Bazaar, Bombay, India.

And then i saw the kids with knives bleeding.
kids with knives...

Came home with blood on my arms, feet, face and my backback was soaked after backing up into the guy above.

Ofcourse it was an experience..ofcourse i have pages to write but everytime i try to do that theres this heavy uncomfortable urge to use profanity and everything that crosses the line of being opinionated and diplomatic.
It wasnt the act. It was the kids at Muharram.
I got plenty of responses and all were of shock. nobody expected this and now that its available, I believe everyone should have a look for some perspective on what goes on around the world in the name of religion.

I don't think I can get more raw in my words than this.


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