To Vomit the Undigestible

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Last entry contd.. Day 3.

Part 1:
I was saying...

BOT made me listen to a 10 minute song called Slaughtergarden Suite by Sigh, a Japanese band. I havent heard any other songs by them or by any other Jap metal band (:o) but this one just spins you. (even when youre not spinning to begin with, like I was;p) Its twisted, its fucking bizzare metal, it had a prodigious keyboard solo and the aftermath of melodic static just blew me away.
Note: must Must MUST get a hold of this and thats that.

Part 2:
My accident in November caused some brain damage and blood from my brain poured out of my right ear for a bit. When I stopped bleeding, the blood solidified and blocked my entire ear.

Consequences:( Add annoying circus drumroll here...)

Its been incredibly frustrating andtiring and upsetting and there were times I would look at a person across the room talking and just pretend to listen because I didnt have the energy or was sick of saying "huh?", "what?", "repeat that?" or "talk louder biatch!".
But but but, I went to a surgeon and got my blood clot removed this morning so this will be the end of my ear-issue complaints.: )

Part 3:
I'm eating a big bowl of fresh, succulent, bright, red, juicy strawberries very slowly and relishing every one of them.

*wants to sink into a tub of cold strawberry juice with ripe strawberries floating around* Weeeeeeeeee!

ok enough.


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