To Vomit the Undigestible

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Golden brown texture like sun..

On sat 6th June 2009 TNT, mosh and I camped out in Ambi. It was a profound moment on this earth plane that I'll forever be grateful for and will never be able to re experience via my own merit hence all due credit must be given to psilocybe and the parabrahman.

We were given a map of the macrocosm with a discourse in silence, that broke down piece by piece the universal picture of creation with a negative iteration onward to the microcosmic, us. It was all explained while our minds worked on the soul and neuron level in complete synchronity. We travelled together; transcended space, time, mind, matter into wave beings; expressing and learning the oneness of  universal creator through sweet orgiastic sighs, ethereal space sounds, jumping planes in a quantum dance with every instinctual synaptic fire, merciless at feet of blissful mushroom clouds with a golden lining of intrinsic love, surrender and knowledge...mushroom therapie.

I know a few eternal messages, came through the limitations of diminished human memory systems while the collective mind was being rewired, connected and enabled for an upward soaring awareness on this grand ride

The moment you speak about a think you miss the mark so lets take this blog entry as a minute solar flare, a spark in a forest fire. A flash of human memory in an infinite play. A burning need to bring back a grain of sugar from the sand.


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