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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WWF: cranky big men in leather chaddis

I used to watch WWFa long long time ago when I was a kid, around the time Bret Hart and Yokozuna were around but (Hulk Hogan was my fav tho) WWF amused me intensely in the begining but then the boredom set in with the SAME fragile scripting and two men screaming at each other like 6 year old boys over and over again, The SAME moves every single time no improvisation whatsoever, I lost interest, I liked The Rock but Triple sucking H came into the scene much later ugh, there were different belts so there was no 'world champion'. Everything just fucking went wrong and I stopped watching it comepletely.

I asked a big fan I know how he could like watching cranky big men in their leather chaddis and he said "It fullfills every mans gay fantacies"
ROFL I couldnt agree more. WWF IS FUCKING GAY.

What could be more perfect than 'big juicy men beating eachother up' and 'half naked women with big boobs' hanging around for the bisexual clan.

He also said "theyre modern day gladiators...." and its like "it's the same for men as desperate housewives is for women".
But the only difference is WWF is filled with people that do alot of talking but say nothing.

Everyone KNOWS the damn thing is fake...wheres the fun in that? I knew it as a kid and I enjoyed it anyway but i got over it. (key word is KID here)

I dont understand WWF and I dont think Ill beable to ever digest its stupidity.


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