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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Penisfruits, metrosexuals and a year together.

India is the world's largest banana grower, with an annual production of 16.8 million tonnes. Which is over 20 % of the total world output of 72.6 million tonnes!

FUCK! No wonder I see bananas overflowing out of every fruit bowl in every house I go to. Everyone I know in India must (must) always (always) stock bananas in their house. Its almost like their lifeforce, but in a creepy sort of way. Some use it for decorative purposes : o And dozens of people swarm around the kelawala when they get out of the subway... Theyre instinctively drawn towards these squishy-green-elongated-semipulp-treegrowing-penises.
Our country is overflowing with Penisfruits!


I have a premonition that my next nightmare is going to be about suffocating in mounds and mounds of penisfruits that have invaded my house, clinging onto me, trying to squease their way up my nostrils and the likes. Sort of like Herbie goes bananas :S

Quote of the day:

In a 4.67 second discussion regarding metrosexuals.
scrizer says:

A pedicure is metrosexualish
scrizer says:
real men kick walls to trim toe nails.

Being retarded is almost fun when someone takes a pic of you when you're unaware. When you take it yourself, you tend to look absolutely idiotic...Like this:

(Note: This pic was taken on 8th of April 2006 and I secretely think its incredibly lovely ;p. Shhh.)


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