To Vomit the Undigestible

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brought to you by the 'Soulreefer-Sleepymaggie Timepass Club'

(Green Mutants Inc.)

G - Let me turn you around and build you into a jigsaw puzzle, let me rip you up for a change and turn you into a stain-glass window with a chip in the centre and I'll throw you to my mandalam and enjoy all the patterns you create. I'd love to watch you squirm all over my...
K -
Squirm all over your what? Stop speaking to me like this, you’re making me feel uncomfortable.
- Would you like to go away with me?
- Where to..
G - A place where it wont be possible to find us.

K -
We’ve never been found to begin with...


K - What bothered you when you were a kid...
G - Stepping On Cracks. I would always avaoid them when I was little. It would amuse me when they filled up with water in the monsoons. That, and Evil Dead. Now that was some scary shit.

K - You were a wierd kid. Evil dead was so poorly made. It was like a fucking Ram Say movie.

G - Fuck Ram Say movies I was 10 years old and I spent half the movie behind a chair and the next three nights with the lights on

K – Wuss.
Have a light? I need a cancer break..


K - So.. what was it like when your mom died ?

G - It wasnt any different. I just didnt get any home cooked meals any more. I was never very close to her.
She was just like any other woman to me.

K - Oh...Thats kinda sad.

G - No. I was never close to anyone to begin with. Never had any role models growing up. There were people going in and out of my life. Some stayed for a while, some didn't. ....and there was always the library.

K - You need to get laid. Seriously.

G - Fuck you!

K – Heh. You wish sparky.


G - If you could kill any one person in the world and get a wish granted in return, would you ?
K - Yeah. I'd probably kill someone who needed to be killed...
G - No. Suppose you had to kill someone you knew and maybe even liked... ?
K - Arg! There should be a law against asking these questions.
G - There are no laws... pass the J...
K - You know sometimes I feel dulled by your sharpness, blank in comparison. I wish you'd treasure the veil you've pulled from over my eyes...
G - Youre like a caged animal, somebody must have changed you, it's like youre jaded, you were different when we first met.
K - I change with the seasons...


K - Oi Sparky, am I really the best thing thats ever happened to you ?
G - No, but if I could, I would paint words for you in the sky..
K - What shit! Like thats supposed to make me feel better ? Words in the sky ? You're one of the most pretentious people I've ever met.
G – And you love me. : D
K - I love the way I feel when I'm with you. I love being with you, because you see past me and through me without hesitation. I'm deliciously ignored, therefore uninhibited. It's as if I'm looking into a mirror with my eyes closed….let me count the ways I thrive on your absence/presence...
G - Shut up, you're destroying me.



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