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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mr Entry gets Survey Treatment

Now reading:
100 Bullets: 'Hang Up on the Hang Hang Low' by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

Been Listening to:
Sentenced: The cold white light. (all day)

Been Watching:
The OC religiously. (I hate the giveaway preview ads)

I get no pleasure in mercilessly killing cockroaches that roam freely and encroach upon my perfect stone wall like it was was their terrain, but I honestly believe that it is my duty to do so, because where roaches are concerned, I AM THE LAW!

Flashes of florescent orange, skinburn, splitends and hairfall till youre completely bald, flash before your eyes for a good uneasy 45 minutes (They try to bribe your paranoia with free shoulder massages but those do not work) before which, you have to CHOOSE the colour....
Black or burgendy? Maybe black. Black or burgendy? Maybe black. Burgendy or black? I think I'll go with Burgendy. Burgendy or Black? Fuck, wheres the colour chart again? Black or burgendy? Maybe burgendy. Black or burgendy? Fuck I'll go with black. No! I mean burgendy...UGH.
Yes, sitting in a chair on a lazy sunday while being served unlimited tea, cigarettes, Cosmos and massages can be EXTREMELY stressful when ones hair is being coloured.

Things to do:
Buy canvas before current paint supply miraculously finds itself all over the wall.
Give father 256th lecture on clicking on online popup ads....I think hes getting old: (
Get this weeks breakfast stock of lowfat highfibre granola bars.
Chant "no oil no fried" a 101 times before sleeping and on waking up.
Plan 6 month trip to Somalia if the above doesnt work.

mmm.. and thats that.


  • Makes for good reading yo.

    By Blogger draco, at 1:57 PM, January 25, 2006  

  • ur a scary...... creepy...... kinda wicked..... dangerous....pschyo female who writes pretty interesting can u write like this..its aweosme material...keep it up...chiao

    By Blogger The Wishmaster, at 10:29 AM, February 05, 2006  

  • hmmmm ...maybe you should consider trying muesli apart from it being a good supplement for a lot of things it has an uncanny knack to balance your Oestrogen levels as well ...all in all i like your tact in prose - ahhh the wrath in youth - lovely ...BOOM

    By Anonymous The Chojin, at 4:04 AM, November 05, 2007  

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