To Vomit the Undigestible

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Continuation of Survey Treatment for Mr Entry

Song I recommend -
Knock me out by Linda Perry and Grace Slick.

(Note latent obsession that will be potentially annoying to persons with limited patience)

Current Personal Issue -
I can never find any cookies in the word-cookie-jar during snacktime.

Last movie seen -
Crash. Woven and directed extremely intricately.

(On account of being severly baked during most of this brilliant movie, new tickets must be bought and made use of.)

Accomplishments for Feb 2006 -
I'm trying, trying really hard and failing...

holding back...holding back... holding in....starting over. Being a foodie is a bitch.

A bouquet of gasses in a bulging female abdomen. My first tattoo drawn yesterday, for BOT.

Current support system -
Calvin and Hobbes save me in a number of ways almost every day.

Bedtime Prayer -
'God bless Cetzine. Thank you'

Details of last imp meeting attended -
(Time - 2:48am)

Parties present:
Ms K. Nagpal.
Guitar lessons for technique, advanced pottery course and appt to complete tattoo on left arm are in order.
2 month pottery workshop will commence end march, tattoo appt scheduled for next week and guitar lessons the week after.
Meeting adjourned.
(Time - 2:49am)

Personal fact -
I've discovered that molding clay makes you forget the knot thats been present in your stomach for as long as you can rememeber. So does feeling skin on skin. *insert pleasant explicit memory here*: )

General fact not many are aware of -
Men were women for the first 6 weeks of their lives in the womb till the chromosome kicked in and THATS why they have those tiny useless nipples on their potential boobies. : o

*No furthur questions will be asked or answered henceforth in this entry. *nod**


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